Help long long is a school for who want to learn English in Philippines

A school filled with laughter and chat sessions with teachers a very interesting. Hereafter, I will write a post about the school that I studied last time at the Help Longlong

Everyone wants to improve their English speaking skills so people in different countries have learned about Long Long School to learn English, although there are many famous English language schools in the Philippines. But I found the Help Long Long school that I have chosen is really great. So why did I choose the Long Long Help field. Because the atmosphere is cool, the surroundings are also quiet, comfortable and also an ideal place for me to watch the sun every morning.

The climate here is so pleasant that it makes people feel hot and sultry when studying and taking breaks after every lesson. Although I was only here two months ago, this school has left me a memorable moment. I remember when I passed here I did not know what to say in English, I was afraid every time I open my mouth to say, why?

Because I’m afraid of being wrong and people will laugh at me and when I’m in Vietnam, but when I see my communication is too bad. So why do people from different countries like Japan, Korea, Vietnam … they can speak English here, so why can not we? So I set a goal after two months with summer vacation in Vietnam and when I learned this I have to resolve to learn English communication until I come back I can be confident than the first day I was new by. The first day I studied here with the teachers, I was very happy, they taught me how to introduce myself, how to greet and communicate everyday. The teachers and everyone here are very friendly and enthusiastic when welcoming a classless student. And hereafter I will talk about the class that I love and also give me full of feeling with other classes where I meet the teacher one with one. My most admired and impressive classroom is teacher Sy class. She always taught me to be very caring and caring. Other teachers taught me to welcome me and teach me enthusiastically I love them.

Even though the class was only 50 minutes, she delivered the lessons as easy as possible. Whenever I did not understand anything, she helped a lot even though it was the English language I was learning when I did not understand and she used the action in combination with words that made me understand quickly. I feel very happy that if I study in this way, my English will speak fast although I can not speak like a native speaker but I can understand people and can answer questions that people I am very happy that a school has taught our teachers from different countries to study, with the enthusiasm of the teachers that impressed me on how to learn this effectively.

The lunch time at 12:00 PM me see all people for the learning for students students to be students to be must be wait to turn to order for the wait in the given time. When to take a gift at the top of the top of the short tree and I could not be eat the following a time that it will be used it here and the gift at the very delicious. The room of me will be all people in the room, friendly friendly and the heat when training . Outside of least or four or many of many students are also as the same transaction.

I also stop writing here, I also want to thank all the teachers and friends who helped me be more confident when speaking English. A school with teachers and friendly friends, I am sure that everyone can communicate in English when communicating with others, but not speaking well, we have to practice regularly. I thank all the teachers who taught me that my time here is very short but these are my memories that I had when I was at Help Long Long.

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