Du Học Philippines phải ăn thử Filippino Foods

  1. Pancit Guisado

I like TsiBoom’s Pancit Guisado because it is not too dry and not to saucy also.  The pancit was not overcooked because it was soft enough, then kinda stiff but not stir-fried pancit kinda stiff.

The pancit guisado was perfectly flavored, not too salty, and it had all the “subak” I am looking for in a pancit.

2. Lechon Kawali

TsiBoom’s Lechon Kawali was a bit of a disappointment.

If a restaurant is gonna be serving either Lechon Kawali or Crispy Pata, please please please make sure that the “panit” should be crispy and not soggy.  I say this not only to TsiBoom Native Restaurant but to all Cebu restaurants out there because that is the reason why we dine out and not cook for ourselves in order to enjoy perfectly cooked food.

That was rough I know but it is just fair to say that.  With this disappointing Lechon Kawali, TsiBoom’s waiter got a quick lecture from my mom on how to make the Lechon Kawali!  And yes momma has mastered the art of making lechon kawali and thus the reason why I need those Fitrum or Xenical tablets fast LoL.

Đây là 2 món được rất nhiều các bạn học viên ưa thích, đến Philippines ngoài việc du học tiếng Anh, mình nên trải nghiệm các món ăn ở đây nhé!


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